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I can’t find my projector model on your list, what do I do?

Just type either your projector model number, or your lamp model number into the bar near the top of the page and press “GO.” If we don’t have your lamp in stock, odds are we can find it quickly for you.

It looks like you sell 3 different lamps for my projector. Which one is the right one for me?

All of them are good, so it’s your choice.

ORIGINAL Lamps are the ones that came with your projector. Both the bulb and the housing are genuine OEM. They’re the most expensive, because they carry the projector’s original brand name on the factory sealed box in big black letters. It’s like buying a genuine Toyota part from your Toyota dealer. You can always be sure you’re getting top quality when you order an original lamp.

HYBRID Lamps: We believe that, in most cases, Hybrids give you the most bang for your buck. Hybrids use a new genuine OEM glass bulb (made by Philips, Osram/Sylvania, or Ushio, the people that made the bulb that came with your new projector!). However, the bulb is housed in a plastic cage made to OEM specs by a high quality 3rd party manufacturerThey’re so good that many projector lamp sellers simply call them “Originals.” We tell you the real truth: The bulb inside is an original, but the plastic cage is from a 3rd party, so that just ain’t an Original “OEM”. But it can save you hundreds! Hybrid lamps are a new way to save money while still getting the full brightness and long lamp life you expect from a top quality lamp.

ALTERNATIVE Lamps are the lowest cost lamps we offer. Both the bulb and the plastic cage are brand new, but they’re made by a 3rd party manufacturer. We offer the world’s highest quality Alternative lamps, however the brightness and lamp lifetime may be less than you’ll get with Hybrids or Originals. BTW—If you’re web surfing, “Compatible Lamps” or “OEM Compatible Lamps” usually mean these Alternative lamps.

If I buy a Hybrid or a Alternative lamp, will it void my projector’s warranty?

We know of no case in which a Hybrid or Compatible lamp has voided anyone’s warranty. However, you should always check with your projector dealer or manufacturer to be sure. Also check your projector warranty and purchase date. Your projector’s warranty may have expired long ago!

Is there intelligent life beyond our solar system?

If there is, we hope they’ll need new lamps for their projectors.

My lamps should have been here by now. How can I track them?

Since many of our shipments come directly from the factory distributors, your order may have to travel a long way by ground. If you don’t receive your order within 7 business days, please contact us, and we’ll get you the latest tracking information and tracking number. In the unusual event of a lost shipment, we will replace your order at no additional charge.

I installed the new lamp, but the projector still won’t light.

First, check your projector’s instruction manual about lamp replacement and RESET procedures. If you don’t have the manual, you can probably find it online. If it still won’t light, we usually will replace the lamp for you at no charge. Contact us to discuss the issue. We won’t bite.

Do you give quantity discounts on large orders?

Yes! Contact us with your details.

How do I dispose of my old lamp?

Most people just throw them in the non-recycle trash. However, lamps do contain a tiny amount of mercury. Check with your local hazardous waste office to see the proper way to dispose of it. Use caution whenever handling lamps. There can be tiny glass fragments that could fall into your projector, onto your hand, or onto your table or floor. Always wear gloves, and vacuum the area if there is any breakage, even if it appears to be contained inside the bulb.

I need to return my purchase to you. What do I do?

Just get in touch with us. We’ll check your lamp’s status and take it from there. Our phone number and email address are at the top of this page.